Outreach in Reigate – with a good response


It was good to get out in Reigate today with our message. We were gearing up for running outreach stalls in Reigate and Redhill in March 2020, just a lockdown kicked in. We appreciate that it’s important that people see a link between what they see and hear on the news and media, and their local day to day life.

By today, at the end of the September Rebellion Fortnight, many of us have been involved in the London protests, local actions and supporting roles (such as media contact, arrestee support and rebel ringing). But we are just ‘normal people’, worried for our planet’s future. And some of those we spoke to were positive about finding us here today, being activists and ‘normal people’! We are happy if our presence today helps anyone to move along from where they were – whether nudging towards interest, or taking the step to sign up to our emailing list, or agreeing to attend our next action.