November 1st Faith at the Gate – in Remembrance of Lost Species

Faith at the Gate Sunday November 1st falls on All Souls sometimes referred to as the day of the dead and November is the month when the Remembrance Day for Lost Species is marked by various events around the UK.

So, our theme for November 1st will be species eradicated by, or in danger of extinction because of extraction industries.

You are invited to join us in person or on Zoom.

You are invited to make a prayer flag for the gate with your particular thought, idea or image linked with lost species and extraction – all offerings will be welcomed.

After the vigil the prayer flags will be removed from the gate and used to create a feature for other local events – we will not surrender them to UKOG any more than we want to surrender the land.

Extraction kills lives and multiple species worldwide and the suggestion  for Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2020 is to take  the  opportunity to explore the ways in which white supremacy has shaped our organising spaces and thinking, and to consider how our work can or does contribute to and strengthen the growth of the intersectional environmental movement.

The link to the rationale behind this focus can be found here:

Let’s join together in solidarity with a worldwide community of people and species to keep fossil fuels in the ground and highlight the damage caused to a rich biodiversity that  relies upon the water and soil at Horse Hill and at fracking sites across the globe.

Get creative, get some craftivism going, invite your friends and community groups to engage but most of all join in with us in any way you can:

  • Come to the camp at 5pm or the gate at 5.30pm.
  • Join us online (link)
  • Send us a flag by post and we will make sure it is displayed 24 Flanchford Rd, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8AB

If coming to the vigil please wear a mask, bring a torch, dress for the weather and if possible, wear hi viz. The event lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes a short reflections and 10 minutes of silence.

This is an inclusive event for people of all faiths and none.