An Aviation Madhatters Tea Party – part of the start of the September Rebellion

In collaboration with Clear Skies, XR Reigate and Redhill, had a tea party in the large roundabout at the South Terminal today – this is part of a national day of XR action against the aviation industry.

Huge banners around the edge made it clear that XR were there and with more flags and bright colours the various toots from drivers showed we were noticed.


Todd, a pilot with Croydon XR, joined the group and shared his concern about the lack of progress in the aviation industry to address it’s pollution.


In Reigate and Redhill, we have a huge airport on our doorstep.

It is a difficult time for people employed in aviation, with so many loosing or fearful of loosing their jobs. However, the government and aviation companies have yet to make the significant changes required to support a zero carbon Britain – even in time for the government’s own targets. They need to be more radical and lead on a change in culture – a change that we now know is possible with recent experiences in lockdown.






Yesterday, the rebellion started with a Banner Drop over 3 M25 bridges near Reigate as part of a national campaign of banners.  Posters have magically appeared around Reigate and Dorking. And petrol pumps have climate warning stickers – an action by XR Doctors. More to come…